B+B is a design and styling studio based in Durban.

We are designers of social media & marketing concepts. We style the way viewers see your brand.







Who are we? - Blob & Bash is a company that offers of variety of different expertizes. From developing your brand name and logo to maintaining your long lasting advertising and social media platforms. We offer it all. We focus on analysing your chosen target market and creating content or styling your brand towards that audience. Our love for brands and the marketing industry is what draws our company together.

What we do – We are a design & styling studio offering a variety of options from brand and strategy development to social media marketing. We bring this full range of services, together with external expertise, to produce a complete and styled brand.

What makes us different? – Our aim is to position your brand ahead of your competitors and create a hype or trend surrounding it. By using unique and carefully prepared techniques that are not generics, our strategies are creative and innovated.

A BLOB of bio... – Hey, I'm Ali. The owner and creative mind behind Blob + Bash. Where does the name come from? Blob it down and give it a bash, which is exactly how this all started! A crazy idea in a creative mind following my passion for brands, all things creative, social media and eventing. 

I started off in the creative industry styling weddings for a very well known Durban based company, Oh Happy Day. From there I grew and learnt so much about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to be... and here I am!

I bring a fun and light approach to your business branding. I am passionate about helping people get their brand active in our community and to make their life easy, beautiful and productive.

Together with phenomenal partners, we are able to develop brand solutions that are unique to each client. I LOVE my clients and LOVE seeing how their brand grows and we develop. 

10 things you should know about me....

  1. I have a creative brain (and it battles to switch off at night, but this is when the best ideas are born)
  2. I am a teapot (got a collection to prove it!)
  3. A bit brand obsessed (so many faves, but I love unique things that no one else has!)
  4. My blue-eyed baby, Lily, loves it when I work at home (sorry about all the kitty pics)
  5. I am bossy.... (but you love it!)
  6. I love to bake (all kinds of things, cheese puffs, chocolate cupcakes, brownies, lemon bars...)
  7. Travelling is my escape (I love trying new things, visiting exotic beaches, hearing different languages, embracing different festivals etc.)
  8. I watch movies until I fall asleep (I am a home body & love my family, this is my comfort zone)
  9. I love pink, patterns and parties! (I am fully kitted with all my gear all the times - watch out!)
  10. Make friends wherever you go... (Service is always better that way)